Charting the Course

Executive Leadership

Our CEO Anthony J Whyte has provided stabilizing executive leadership and strategic guidance to GO Logistics since our inception in 2005.

Anthony has rounded out his executive team with complementary leaders in the areas of:

Finance, Operations, Sales, Risk Management, Marketing and Client Services.

Combined, the team of Executives under his direction, each brings decades of experience in business management, transportation and logistics and are key components of our sustained growth.

Anthony J Whyte


As Founder and CEO, Anthony’s primary responsibility is to strengthen the bond between leadership vision and managerial execution. Having built Go Logistics into a leading transportation and logistics provider in Canada, his focus is fixed on growing the business while maintaining a high quality of service. Internally, this translates into guiding his management team to increased performance levels, while externally laser-focused on helping retailers, manufacturers and third-party logistics companies create efficiencies across the final mile of the supply chain that significantly grow their business.

Christina Zimmer-Sattaur

Vice-President Operations

For our largest and most diversified clients, Christina has been the face of Go Logistics for the past five years – a period of immense growth for our company. An energetic people-first mindset has been applied to build team confidence and excellence to grow our core lines of service including: Warehousing and Distribution, Home Delivery, Sortation, and Systems Integration. With extensive experience in transportation, Christina’s focus has been on refining operational execution to increase our productivity levels and growth.

John Barr

Vice-President, Business Development

With extensive transportation industry experience, John lends a steadying hand to our business development growth initiatives. From developing tailored customer programs and SLAs, to reviewing customer KPIs with our operations and support teams, John’s in-depth understanding of the nuances of logistics and supply chain has proven invaluable. John focuses his efforts on creating seamless opportunities for retailers and third-party logistics companies to strengthen their final mile operations with reliable, transparent, and efficient systems in-line with their business.

Lisa Hyndman

Director, Human Resources

Lisa brings leadership, vision and professionalism to our Human Resources Team. As a valued business partner and coach, Lisa builds sustainable, collaborative relationships at all levels of the organization while driving HR strategic processes and programs aligned with overall business vision. With extensive experience in the logistics industry, Lisa is at ease in our fast paced, service-oriented environment, managing multiple stations, business units, personnel and external agency partners with a high level of integrity and accountability.

Mandy Kelly-Koshurba


As Controller, Mandy manages our financial teams and processes, ensuring that all reports and planning are created to streamline flows. Mandy has been influential in creating processes for monitoring everything from employee expenses to mergers and acquisition analysis. Her attention to detail for fiscal reporting activities includes balance sheet reports across all lines of business. This has been critical to help us build pricing and payment models that keep us competitive while ensuring partnerships remain healthy and mutually beneficial.

Michael Matic

Director, Risk Management

Michael supports our organization through risk management applications that include: hazard identification, threat evaluation, training procedures, and crisis resolution. He leads resources and programs that focus on minimizing, monitoring, and mitigating the risk inherent in transportation services. With a lengthy background in public service as a police detective, Michael embraces opportunities to educate and elevate teams in the adoption of safety and stewardship over company resources and facilities, especially as they intersect with the general public at large.

Edward Sattaur

Director, Marketing and Communications

Edward brings leadership and direction to our marketing and key messaging programs. With a track record of entrepreneurship, Edward is a growth-oriented strategic leader. Having built award-winning mobile and social media marketing businesses in the past, Edward is responsible for corporate communications and guiding our marketing programs and content development. Employees, Consumers, Retailers, Strategic Alliances, and Agency partners, each helping guide Edward to formulate a consistent compelling voice for our business.

Dexter Whyte

Director of Security and Facilities

Dexter is the point person responsible for ensuring the security and operational efficiency of our various wholly-owned and client-hosted facilities. With expertise aligning resources and equipment, Dexter ensures that sites have everything they need to operate smoothly with direct oversight of all technology implementations. Dexter’s background includes managing different stations and warehouses since 2010. This has given him a depth of understanding of facility requirements that is unparalleled.