Sortation Services

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Preparing for Delivery

Delivering your products to your customers on time is everything. Especially when same day delivery is the expectation. Sortation allows you to batch pick, organize, and assemble items by geographic area to create routing efficiency that gets your product to your customer quicker.

Mapping delivery across the country relies on organizing your items accurately with daily repetition to get your product across the final mile successfully.

We regularly sort 18,000-20,000 packages a night in warehouses across the greater Toronto area in order to get your packages to the right customers with time to spare.

Transparency and Speed

Our expert warehouse associates work around the clock to get your packages where they need to go. You’ll be able to track where we are in our process from sorting to shipping, all the way to home delivery.

Deliveries don’t reach their destination on time when they are sorted incorrectly. Get full visibility into your pick and pack rate as your packages are filtered by area code and sent off to their respective delivery vehicles. We’ve been ranked as a top sortation station for one of the largest online retailers in North America.

Sortation Visibility

See where your products are at in the pick and pack process at any stage of sortation. We pride ourselves on hiring the best, stress-tested people who are experts at saving you time and money by accurately packing, sorting and sending your product to its final destination.

Customized Solutions

We are intent on meeting the needs of our customers. Our carrier business model focuses on customer service, enabling us to take a flexible approach to sortation and delivery, unencumbered by stringent guidelines. Need a last minute change? We work 24/7 to help you get your products across the finish line and to your happy customers.