Our Background

A Better Way

Sometime during the early 2000s in the back of a large glass boardroom, high in the tower of a leading financial institution, our founder Anthony Whyte thought to himself…

there has to be a better way to move these materials

Thus began our journey. He was referring to time-sensitive VISA card shipments then, but soon made the connection to other high-value merchandise as he ventured out to start his own courier business.

Since then, we have built one of the largest last mile delivery operations in Canada — helping leading manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce, and third-party logistics companies find “a better way” to deliver their materials.   

There have been many hallmark accomplishments along the way. From onboarding Amazon Logistics for their Canadian launch in 2016, to the launch of a dedicated big and bulky division, GO to Home Big and Bulky, to bringing our operations to Guyana with the landmark lead sponsorship of the International Energy Conference and Expo Guyana.