Health and Safety

Agents of Influence

We are each an agent of influence in making the world better.

Whether it’s compliance with guidelines during a pandemic; working safely with heavy goods; creating workplace safety regulations; mitigating the risk of hazardous materials; or, creating standards of decorum for honesty and respect. We believe in teamwork, a positive attitude, and caring above and beyond the norm. These are the hallmarks of excellence in health and safety — and they will continue to guide our growth.


Security systems are deployed in each location, whether in the office, on the open shore, or in port. Each is monitored continuously to ensure that safety regulations are not only being adhered to, but put in place in environments that leave room for interpretation.

Mitigating Risk

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment that meets the needs of our employees, their families, customers, communities and the planet. 

Safety Policies

Our dedication to the safety of staff, partners, customers, and the environment in which we serve has pushed us to employ high production and materials management standards throughout the organization. This is a testament to the commitment we display in carrying out our duties of “partnering for success” each day. 

We are proud to report zero instances of onsite accidents in the performance of our duties.